Compostable Coffee Dump Bags <mark>Narrow and Wide Options</mark>

Compostable Coffee Dump Bags Narrow and Wide Options

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Our coffee dump tube liners are certified compostable to both the European and Australian Standards - EN13432 and AS4736.

We have Coffee dump bags to suit narrow and wide dump tubes. Please check your requirements.

These bags are 85mu thick so slightly thicker than the limit for the Australian home compost certification although the material is the same as our other bags. We have had no issues with home composting of the bags though so just recommend chopping the bags up and making sure they are well dug into the compost to ensure a speedy breakdown.

25 Bags per pack.

Narrow option: 8 packs per carton (200 bags).

Wide option: 6 packs per carton (150 bags).

Bin Liner Info sheet

We Compost Coffee Dump Bag Info 



Narrow bag size: 255mm * 1055mm

Wide bag size: 365mm * 900mm

Thickness: 85mu 


How our liners are made
We Compost compostable bags are made from a combination of cornstarch and Ecopond Flex 162 which is a compostable polymer to improve the elasticity of the bag. The cornstarch is made from inedible waste produced during the corn harvesting process in Northern China. 

Our factory holds ISO certifications for Quality Management as well as Environmental Management and Occupational Health and Safety.


Compostability certifications for our bags and films

Our liners hold the following compostablity certifications (Please contact us at if you require more information):


AS4736 -  ABAM 10059 - Ecopond Flex 162 Certificate of Conformance to the “Seedling Logo” Compostable Bioplastic Standards

(Australasian Commercial Compost Standards – up to 143 um film thickness )


AS5810 - ABAP 20009 – Certificate of Conformance to the “Home Compstable Logo” Compostable Bioplastic Standards - Australasian

(Australasian Home Compost Standards – up to 63 um film thickness )


BPI  ASTM D6400 - Ecopond Flex 162 -  Certificate of compliance with the American Society for Testing and Materials Standard “ Standard Specifications for Compostable Plastics”


EN 13432:200-12 Ecopond Flex 162 - DIN CERTCO – Certification of Conformance to “DIN EN 13432:200-12 Certification scheme products made of compostable materials”

(European Commercial Compost Standards)


VINCOTTE OK COMPOST HOME - Ecopond Flex 162 – Certificate for Awarding and Use of the “OK COMPOST HOME” Conformity Mark

(European Home Compost Standards)


Size guide

Bin liner  Suggested bin size
8L 5-7L bins
35L 20-30L bins
54L 30-50L bins
75L 50-70L bins
140L 120L bins
240L 240L bins